(null) is no longer a functioning glitch as from Version 3.0.0.
This article is retained for historical purposes only.

(null) is a Tiny Tower memory state that can be exploited to grant the player with infinite Bux, as demonstrated in this video.


(null) is the memory state that takes up blank Bitizen cells while loading. A memory state of (null) in any game usually refers to a nonexistent value (example: the number -0 is a nonexistent value, since -0 is impossible). It is the placeholder for most or all items and functions that do not have a value or set constant. It can be selected if one is quick, by tapping the last hire slot and then a loading Bitizen cell very quickly. For some it works when you hold your finger down for a second. When this is done while in the Sushi Bar , it will give the player two Bux for the reason below.

Usage Edit


The (null) exploit is one that can result in infinite Bux because it relies on the game mechanic that a Bitizen's dream job can give you two Bux. When you hire (null) at the Sushi Bar by tapping on the "hire" button, then quickly tapping on some items in stock. A RAM memory error occurs, and it will give you two Bux.


The character (null) will never been seen with Accessories on (hat, earrings, glasses, etc), because (null) is nonexistent, and therefore does not have these. The reason for this is because (null) is a base for other Bitizens, starting out as (null), with the computer then randomizing it into a normal Bitizen, with it's name, gender, birthday, etc. (null) is not a character, and this causes the computer to randomly generate one in it's place, not having any of the usual Accessories.

(null)'s BitBook profile goes under the name of B. Anderson. It has been confirmed that (null) can be moved into an apartment.

Apparently, the (null) character (B. Anderson) has a favorite job of a Recording Studio. He also apparently has a high Creative interest. This can be seen in the pictures below.