Accessories are additional items or pieces of clothing that Bitizens can wear, such as hats, glasses, or facial hair. They are separate from Costumes, which gives a Bitizen a complete outfit to wear with unique embellishments.

When a player views a Bitizen up close and selects the Dress Up button, they can randomly change the selected Bitizen's clothing and the accessories they wear. The player is not charged any Bux or Coins for accessories. Bitizens can wear more than one accessory at a time; male Bitizens can wear up to four accessories (headpiece, glasses, facial hair, and necktie) while female Bitizens can wear up to three (headpiece, glasses and earrings).

Below is a list of available accessories and whether they can be worn by male or female Bitizens:

Accessory Name Picture Male Female
Backwards Baseball Cap Backwards Baseball Cap
Bandana Bandana
Baseball Cap Baseball Cap
Beanie Beanie
Beret Beret
Bicorn Hat Bicorn Hat
Bowler Hat Bowler Hat
Cap Cap
Cat Ears Cat Ears
Cowboy hat Cowboy Hat accessory
Crown Crown
Dark-rimmed Glasses Dark-rimmed Glasses
Earrings Earrings
Football Helmet Football Helmet
Full Beard Full Beard
Goatee Goatee
Handlebar Handlebar
Headband Headband
Light-rimmed Glasses Light-rimmed Glasses
MyPod & Headphones MyPod & Headphones
Necktie Necktie
Party Hat Party Hat
Propeller Hat Propeller Hat
Sun Hat Sun Hat
Sunglasses Sunglasses
Sweatband Sweatband
Top Hat Top Hat accessory
Visor Visor


  • If a Bitizen is wearing any type of glasses before the player dresses them in a Costume, they will still wear the glasses with the Costume.