Tiny Tower is a game, and because games rely on programming, and programming can be faulty, there are of course glitches. This is an incomplete list of all the glitches in Tiny Tower.

Bitizen Loading Glitch Edit

Note: In order to take advantage of this glitch, do not upgrade to Tiny Tower 3.0. It patches the glitch by automatically loading the Bitizen list.

This glitch allows you to accumulate infinite Tower Bux. If you have any businesses and have at least one space still available for hiring, click the HIRE button and then quickly tap a blank bar that has not loaded Bitizen data. It will ask you:

Give (NULL) a job in the [business name]?

(NULL)'s dream job is the Sushi Bar because in the file floors.csv that contains all information about stores, Sushi Bar is ID 0, so it is the automatic dream job. Thus, you will receive 2 Tower Bux for assigning (NULL) to his dream job. This glitch can be replicated infinitely, allowing you to progress in the game much faster than usual.