This is a bunch of tips & tricks for any level player, for newbies and advanced players: Edit

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?terminology - Redundant explanation

?basic - Typical starting questions and basic ideas

?friends - Social aspect of the game

?bux - Where to spend your bux in the most efficient way

?rebuilding - When you rebuild, benefits from it and what you maintain

?tips - ?bux + ?friends + ?rebuilding + ?vip + ?usefulapps

?facts - Info about coins, bux, missions, elevator, etc

?usefulapps - How to play in another device or 24/7 non-stop

?vip - Advantages and thoughts

?vip50% - How to force the VIP sale

?multipletowers - How to have different towers (similar to ?usefulapps)

?gfarm - What a gfarm is and how to make one

?coinfarming - Different ways to get coins quickly (<10 approx.)

?buxfarming - How to farm bux efficiently

?doublerent - The glitch to get double rent

?unlimitedvip - How to have VIP in all your towers after buying it in your Play Store

?sbc - Soda Brewery Combo, how to use the "big spender" vip

?sodanovip - How to have Soda brewery if you're not vip

?cake - The best use of "buy fully stock" vip



These are the terms we use:

Bits - Bitizens, the residents of your tower

Golds - Bitizens with a max skillset (9 9 9 9 9)

9's - BitizenS with a 9 in their dream job

GT - Golden Ticket

GFarms - Specially designed towers that upgrade normal bits to gold bits



Is it worth to rebuild? - Yes, but depends on your play style, is highly recommended to rebuild at least 2 or 3 times even if you aim 233 floors (maximum of useful floors)

Where I spend my golden tickets? - The first on Soda Brewery, the second on Cake Studio and the 3rd could be worth for a residential and help other players;Why? Cause they have the most stock at lvl 10 and you can do the SBC and CSC.

Is the VIP Package worth? - Yes when it's in 50% sale, it has tremendous advantages and you help NimbleBit, but this is up to you, a very personal choice.

Where do I request? - In the spreadsheet (<>)

If I have more questions, where should I go? - Reddit and Discord for sure!!



- Rename your lobby to a name you want people to know you by

- Visit everyone who visits you, this is about a tiny community and you'll be happier

- When receiving a gifted bit from someone, move the bit to an apt with at least one vacancy, not its dream job.

- Don't be shy to request bits, dream jobs are more important than the difference in bits' skills, prioritize having all dream workers

- Pending visits stay approx. 2~3 days and maximum 2 visits per friend.

- If you're waiting for a gifted bit for a long time, quit and re-open the app.

- Tap "request worker" button on the details page of the store to request for that dream job from your friends in the app

- If you receive a bit named Return XXXX or some other clear instruction, return or complete the instruction. Otherwise, do what you want with it.

- Post in the bi-weekly thread to expand your friend circle



- Focus bux on upgrading your elevator at the start

- At the start, don't upgrade floors past lvl 2-3 depending on your activity; prioritize the elevator instead

- Don’t use Rush All, it doesn’t give a lot of benefit (unless you have a stock mission and it costs less than 10 bux)

- Never skill up bits, only request for golds and send non-golds to Gfarms



- Rebuild at 50 floors, if you don't have access to a storage tower to save your bits, give them away to other players using the #giveaways channel or the subreddit.

- When you rebuild you lose: coins, floors and bits from your tower. You keep: bux, all golden tickets, friends, costumes and aesthetic purchases.

- The first run is the hardest, be patient and enjoy the slow cruise!


?tips= ?bux + ?friends + ?rebuilding + extra (?vip + ?usefulapps




- Elevator rides in your tower returns coins based on this formula: 50 + S * F * (1 + G) where S = your elevator speed (FPS), F = destination floor number, G = number of gt.

- Each bit in its dream job doubles the stock quantity for its product and pays triple rent

- The formula for calculating rent per bitizen is as follows: 1) add up all its stats, for e.g. 5 + 5 + 5 + 5 + 5 = 25 2) take the sum, multiply by 20 (triple if VIP, triple if Dream Worker) and you'll have the rent

Bux and Other:

- Dream Workers only pay their 5 bux to the first person who hired them in that job

- Once you get to 19, 29, 39 etc. floors, your Bux for missions and deliveries go up

- Pending visits stay approx. 2-3 days and maximum 2 per friend

- Elevator appearance is no longer related to speed

- Gifted bitizens and raffle prizes do not expire (it seems it's bugged and after a couple of days they disappear)

- If you tap the top or bottom blue bars, you can scroll to the top or bottom of your tower quickly.



- Use apps like Poket Lock/Caffeine to prevent your phone from automatically entering sleep mode to get VIPs

- Emulators: Memu, Andy, RemixOs ... (don't attempt to sync a single tower on multiple devices if you don't want to lose progress)




-x3 rent and fireworks (It's more than you first thought)

-Instant 20 bux!! (no ad)

-Ability to choose floors (Basically, to build always the same floors without having to search every time for the golds)

-Skins for the roof, elevator and lobby

-Normal price: 40$ (But sometimes it's on sale for 20$, and if you plan on playing the game, it's worth the money (But this is a very personal decision)

-You can force the 50% sale by deleting the data: Purchase VIP at 50% off, restore your tower from the cloud and restore the purchase. Be sure you synced your tower before deleting the data



Be sure you have synced your tower to the cloud, then clean the TT cache and open it again. Cause it's a new tower it will offer you the VIP sale, buy it, recall the main tower (by putting the same email in the cloud menu) and enjoy your VIP!!!



Android - Use an app called "Parallel Space" or a similar one that clones your apps

PC - Use an emulator like Andy, Remix, etc to simulate a new Android phone

iOS - There is not yet a known way to use multiple towers on iOS



Bits can be sent here from your tower to be turned into gold bits.

Check the spreadsheet and go to the Farms tab for active Gfarms: <>

To make a GFarm:

Rebuild your tower so it has at least 1 gt. Complete the tutorial, and do not build past the minimum 2 floors. Take the gifted bit and send the bit to a normal Apt, upgrade the Apt to gold- upgrading all its Bits to gold- send the Bit to its owner, delete the floor, rebuild an Apt floor & repeat. Use the other floor as an Apt to hold at least 1 random Bit so you can delete the other floor as many times as you want.



1. Coin Farms: At lower levels, a few thousand coins is pretty helpful, so visiting people like Jartwobs (KMSF) with 1500 floors -giving 10 coins per floor- can be very helpful. You can delete and add again your friend to visit multiple times!! (although s/he will receive only 2 visits).

Find more big towers in the Farm spreadsheet sheet!!

2. Full Stock Bonus: Requires 1 golden ticket, can only be used on towers with the minimum 2 floors. Move in at least 3 bits into the apartment and build a commercial floor* use the gt on floor 3, hire the 3 bits, stock all items for free, so you receive a fully stocked bonus, then delete the floor (it returns the gt) and repeat. This should give you around 7,000 coins each time (more if you have dream workers). *If not VIP, build random creative floors. If VIP, build the Soda brewery and keep Soda Brewery dream workers to increase the bonus.



When you are ready to rebuild, delete every floor- except 2 Apartments- and build a random floor on all so that the orange construction canvas appears. Move the 2 Apt's to the bottom of your tower. When a mission pops up, because of the construction canvases, the objects/bits to find will all be on the bottom 2 floors.



When you are ready to collect rent, tap it, but don't tap collect in the popup message- leave the app (don't close it completely), switch back to the app: the icon will appear again on the bottom. Tap collect, then tap and collect from the second icon.



Buy the VIP on your main tower linked to your main email (email1) on Play Store/AppStore account.

Save in the cloud (email2) the other tower.

Download TT on your new device/platform.

Set up your email1 on the Play Store/AppStore (to restore the purchase).

Open TT and it will say welcome email1.

Sync the tower with the cloud with your email2 and wait a little!!

When it says restore purchase, click on it.

Nimblebit said you can have VIP in another device even if both are not iOS/Android.



The soda brewery combo (SBC)

Don't stock any item and don't hire any bits, when you receive the vip (big spender), hire the 3 bits, stock the 3rd item and send the VIP, you're going to receive 255.312 coins. Unhire them to use the stock all and enjoy it! (You need it upgraded with a golden ticket)

PS: SB has the largest stock of all floors.

Extra: you can have your 3rd item stocked always to speed the have the floors illuminated

Example (But don't stock all the items at the end, highly recommended to have the soda at the beggining of the tower)



You don't have VIP, but want a Soda Brewery after rebuilding?

Delete the 3rd floor and rebuild a random creative until you get a Soda Brewery. If you do this before building floor 4, the construction time will be instant. But w8 a few minutes to be sure the game doesn't build the same floor over and over again.



Cake Studio Combo

Use the fully stock floor vip on cake studio, you'll earn more or less 40k (except the first time in the rebuild). Is more efficient than any other floor

PS: It has to be upgraded to lvl 10/gold floor


Hivemind of TT Discord

PS: The "?name" it's because is a command for the discord, don't worry about it