The art of predicting is based on knowing what commercial is going to be when the orange canvas is covering it.

Exercise, predict this:

Construction 3.0

You can predict what type of floor it is going to be based on the colour of the text “coming soon”. In this case, it is white, so the floor will be a residential floor when the orange canvas is removed. If orange, it will be a Creative floor. If yellow, it will be a Recreation floor. If green, it will be a Food floor. If purple, it will be a Retail floor. If blue, it will be a service floor.

How to predictEdit

Imagine if you are constructing a Service floor, and a bitizen you have has a dream job about a service floor you don’t currently have but the name is colored brighter. (e.g. Your bitizen’s dream job is the Laundromat, but you don’t currently have it and the name “Laundromat” is more brighter. It means that the floor under construction is the Laundromat.) However, though, you can only predict by looking through your bitizen’s dream job.