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Construction 3.0

Appearance Edit

The elevator door is on the left, as a outcrop from the ground. A mallet leans against it, not in the green toolbox in the middle of the roof. Half-finished supports stick straight up, with a sign showing the amount of money needed to build the next empty floor. A crane towers over the scene, and a stack of wooden palettes with a hard hat on top sit under it. A red mesh fence closes everything in. It can be upgraded into different looks using Tower Bux. Buying the Vip Package unlocks all of them.

Picture Normal Americanflag Historiclandmark Android
Name Crane American Flag Historic Landark Android
Obtaining Free VIP/1776 Bux(event) Playing before 3.0.0

Playing on

an Android

or Google Pixel

Picture Farm Pocketplane Pockettrain Russiaroof
Name Farm Pocket Plane Pocket Train Russia
Picture Discozoo Snowy Funfair Dojo
Name Disco Zoo Snowy Roof Fun Fair Dojo
Picture Waterpark Tree Pyramid Europe
Name Waterpark Tree Pyramid Europe
Picture Desertisland Greetemple Jungletemple Secretlab
Name Desert Island Greek Temple Jungle Temple Secret Lab
Picture Halloween Snowmanroof Ufo British
Name Halloween Snowman Roof UFO British
Obtaining VIP VIP
Picture Romanroof Eiffel Bitrock Newyork
Name Roman Eiffel Tower Bit Rock New York
Picture Chinaroof Arcdetr Tahmajal Spooky
Name China Arc de Triomphe Taj Mahal Spooky
Picture Neon Galleon Statue Fantasy
Name Neon Sign Galleon Statue Fantasy Castle
Picture Monsterroof Blimport Screamtoer Nasa
Name Monster Blimp Port Scream Tower Nasa