I don't have my own computer yet, so I'm editing on my iPad mini. At first I though it would be way easier- no lag, great keyboard, easy controls. But when I first started to edit a page, I found out that there was no control plus z, so sometimes if I don't know how to undo something, I have to discard all my edits that time! Furthermore, whenever I try to press or highlight something, my screen goes back to the top! It's so frustrating as sometimes I lose my place on really long lists (BitBook, Bitizens, and even my own page I created, searching for Bitizens) and I get super frustrated. Though my iPad mini might be sorta old (very late 2013) my IOS is up to date, my internet has zero lag, and it's better than on a phone, I imagine. Thus, I do not recommend editing on IOS if you experience similar problems. Though my computer is older (it's not really mine) it has windows seven, which is fine with me. Besides, it has control plus z, and though it might be laggy, and have some inconviniences, I would prefer computer editing.


P.S. I still love my iPad mini though.

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