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    Poll Ideas

    November 18, 2013 by Kaitoupirate

    Hey everyone! Do you have any interesting, Tiny Tower-related poll ideas? Submit them below in the comments! New polls are released every month, so check back to see if yours has been picked. :)

    Poll Choice for November-December 2014

    Submitted by ???

    No poll has been chosen yet!

    Poll Choice for September-October 2014 (current)

    Submitted by Kaitoupirate

    Have you downloaded Nimblebit's new mobile game, "Tiny Tower Vegas"?
    Yes, I have already!  ???
    No, but I'm thinking about it...  ???
    No, I don't want to.  ???
    Nimblebit has a new game out?  ???

    Poll Choice for July-August 2014 (current)

    Submitted by Kaitoupirate

    Have you ever made any in-game purchases?
    No, I don't want to 89.13%
    Yes, but it was an accident 1.74%
    Yes, just a few times 8.26%
    Yes, all the time…

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  • Kaitoupirate

    I noticed some things that could be spruced up around the site, so I decided to make a handy list to keep track of it all. You can read about it below.

    Hey everyone! I joined this wiki with the goal of improving articles and their contents - adding accurate information, clear images, and detailed descriptions; cleaning up their grammar and style for easy, concise reading; and providing an overall helpful website for Tiny Tower players.

    Maintaining such a website takes a lot of work - and it takes continuous contributions from our members and anonymous editors to keep providing content for the wiki. Although the wiki has plenty of content, it also has numerous issues. Many articles don't have images or descriptions, some articles don't even e…

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