I noticed some things that could be spruced up around the site, so I decided to make a handy list to keep track of it all. You can read about it below.


Hey everyone! I joined this wiki with the goal of improving articles and their contents - adding accurate information, clear images, and detailed descriptions; cleaning up their grammar and style for easy, concise reading; and providing an overall helpful website for Tiny Tower players.

Maintaining such a website takes a lot of work - and it takes continuous contributions from our members and anonymous editors to keep providing content for the wiki. Although the wiki has plenty of content, it also has numerous issues. Many articles don't have images or descriptions, some articles don't even exist (like certain floors that don't have their own pages yet), there are tables and lists that need updating . . . I could go on, but I have a better idea!

What is the Wiki To-Do List?

A helpful guide to improvements and updates the Tiny Tower Wiki needs! Since I've just joined, the list will start small with obvious problems pointed out - but with your help, those problems can easily be fixed and crossed off the list.

Issues that need pointing out can be edited right into the list, or you may simply comment below and I'll add it to the list. Since the list will change over time, anyone who wants to help out should come back and keep checking the list to see if something new has popped up.

The Wiki To-Do List

Below is a table listing issues with the wiki that should be addressed as soon as possible. If there's anything you'd like to improve (or get help with), please comment about it below.

Description of Issue Issue location (article name or link)
All floors should have the following tags: List of All Floors, Floors, and the name of the business type (i.e. Creative) for stores or Residential for apartments. All floor pages
Some pages need brief descriptions of the business or apartment they feature Category:Floors Without Descriptions
Make list of Bitizen accessories and add pics for each accessory Accessories
Clean up content on VIP page; add nicer pics of VIPs, both male and female VIP
Delete old, unused pics that aren't used on any page or article Special:NewFiles
Make a Walkthrough (complete with pictures! and maybe a video) Will be made in the future!
Make an article regarding editing protocol that editors can refer to for consistency around the whole wiki Will be made in the future!
Add main images to floor pages missing them Category:Floors Without Main Images
Add images of stock items to all commercial floors (In progress!) Category:Floors Without Stock Icons
Add more quick link buttons to Main Page (In progress!) Main Page

Any questions, ideas, or suggestions? Type them below in the Comment Section!

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