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Poll Choice for November-December 2014

Submitted by ???

No poll has been chosen yet!

Poll Choice for September-October 2014 (current)

Submitted by Kaitoupirate

Have you downloaded Nimblebit's new mobile game, "Tiny Tower Vegas"?
Yes, I have already!  ???
No, but I'm thinking about it...  ???
No, I don't want to.  ???
Nimblebit has a new game out?  ???

Poll Choice for July-August 2014 (current)

Submitted by Kaitoupirate

Have you ever made any in-game purchases?
No, I don't want to 89.13%
Yes, but it was an accident 1.74%
Yes, just a few times 8.26%
Yes, all the time 0.87%

Poll Choice for May-June 2014

Submitted by Kaitoupirate

What new type of Food floor would you like to see the most?
Ramen Shop 20%
Fried Chicken Stand 44.8%
Kebob Tent 7.2%
Thai Restaurant 16.8%
Bacon Buffet 11.2%

Poll Choice for April 2014

Submitted by Spottra

What type of Elevator do you currently have in your Tower?
The Standard 6.61%
The NB200 Commercial Lift 11.57%
The Insta-Lift 2000 SE 17.36%
The Ultra-Lift 3000 Extreme 22.31%
The Infini-Lift Lightspeed 42.15%

Poll Choice for March 2014

Submitted by Kaitoupirate

Do you have any Friends on Tiny Tower?
No, it's just me 64.62%
Yes, but they're only people I don't know personally 0.00%
Yes, but they're only people I know personally 32.31%
Yes, it's a mixture of people I do know and don't know 3.08%

Poll Choice for January-February 2014

Submitted by Spottra

How many Missions have you completed?
None, I haven't completed any yet 29.94%
1-20, I'm just getting started 35.93%
21-40, I've got a long way to go 9.58%
41-60, I'm working hard to complete them 4.79%
61-80, I'm almost there! 4.19%
80+, I've completed most or all of the Missions 15.57%